Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk brings out the urban city hipster in me. Anytime I have the opportunity to walk around LA with young adults trafficking the sidewalks gazing at art and fashion is always a good time.  Every 2nd Thursday of the month vendors and artist take to the streets of downtown with eclectic art, talented souls, musical souls, strange souls - they all blend to form a unique look around some magnificent art deco buildings  

<3 this
Handmade head pieces & necklaces
The Hunni

What I wore..
Top & chain strap purse-Thrifted, black body con skirt-Forever 21, black dot sheer tights, black flat boots

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Will Hunting

I know what your thinking...really? the thrift store? Yes Honey the thrift store has been my number one spot every since I realized I could pay little to nothing for a blazer...I've never looked back
This vintage find was only $6.99

I paired it w/ some comfy wide leg jeans, a black and white animal print dress turned shirt and feather earrings made by yours truly

Love, Peace & Lipgloss

It's Alive

In my most evil laugh..Mu-hahahahaha! I finally found the time to get this thing up and running. I never considered myself to be a fashionista but somewhere lurking in the dorms freshman year of college as a Communications major *yawn* not really sure about which direction I wanted to take in life, I found Fashion.  Clothes, shoes, makeup and everything in between gives me LIFE.  I don't know where this blog will take me..hopefully it steers me towards some really cute shoes so I can rock the heck out of em'
I'm just a material girl..taking over the world in size 9.5
Until next time...Peace, Love and Lipgloss